Imported Granites
Blue Pearl

Definitely the natural beauty of granite adds value to any home. However, not all granites are equal. Blue pearl granite is a very rare type of granite, and it has a predominant blue shade with hints of silver added into it. Blue pearl granite is both precious and unique, partly because it is primarily mined in Norway and finds application in a variety of decorative purposes.

Virgin Waves

Virgin Waves is a granite with a very fine dark grey and black grain. It is widely used for floors and cladding in interiors and exteriors. swimming pool surrounds, stairs, tables, kitchen tops, shower bases. It versatility extends to the finishes which can be polished, honed, brushed, sanded, bush-hammered, waterjet and brushed, flame-finished.

Surf Green

This granite has white base with black small patches and a green hint overall. These are trendy granites which are good for both residential as well as commercial use. It can vary in color from pink to gray, depending on its chemistry and mineralogy. Because of these natural variations in stone, each piece of Surf Green granite is unique. This stone is very durable and beautiful, making it a popular choice for decorative purposes.

Ivory Spice

This stone has smoky grey background enriched with vertical white brushstrokes. It has a crystal structure that makes it an unique material of its kind. Finishing interior and exteriors of building is usually not complete without India Ivory Spice granite. This granite is available in multiple forms, colors, designs and shades.

Diamond Galaxy

Predominantly black granite with dotting that glistens and looks like diamond forms. The black surface with the glistening in it looks like the galaxy has come to earth and gives any surface a distinct allure. Black, the protagonist colour of this granite, shines of intense deepness. The spontaneous creativity of nature offers inspiration to architects and designers that seek a sophisticated product.


Some people describe it as looking cool, clean and natural. It has a white base with defined grey veining – it is absolutely mesmerizing. This granite is technically a quartzite, and it can be used to craft countertops and fireplace surrounds without the need for any edge trimming. Beyond its beauty it is easy to clean, highly functional and perfect for any part of a home or commercial space.