Indian Granites
Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy or Star Galaxy Granite is well endowed with all the properties of natural granite stone. It is absolutely durable, scratch free, moisture resistant and needs low maintenance. The difference of this granite variety from the normal black variety is that it is spread with glittering gold specks which look like glowing stars in a night sky. It is used in both residential and commercial projects for flooring, counter tops, wall claddings and many other purposes.

Absolute Black

Absolute granite is one of the fine grained granite and as the name suggests is evenly black with little to very little grains on the surface. It is one of the more preferred granite for kitchen tops and table tops. Widely seen in Indian sub-continent it gives a solid and stylish appearance to any kitchen. It is one of the strongest of structural stones and with a little care can last a lifetime.

Warangal Black

Reminiscent of the rugged rocks of Warangal with its sheer black profile and an energizing feel. The surface has the look of a natural rock and the slabs showcase an even pattern which makes it endearing when laid on any surface. The strength and hardiness of this stone is well known and preferred by both residential and commercial projects. Well known as counter top granite it is equally popular as an elegant flooring material.

Viscon White

The flowing white surface woven into the flowing black pattern resembles the gush of pure water on a rock surface. Almost resembling a marble the granite is certainly sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. It is always chosen for kitchen counters and floorings which promise to be lasting in use. A true gift to the interior designer or architect to highlight the space and give it an inviting visage.

River White

Gone are the days when you had flowing rivers and those sugary sands on the sides of the rivers but capturing the essence of a riverside experience is this particular variety of granite. The pattern looks like the river sand has been caressed by the waters and then by the winds. A sturdy and hardworking granite that needs no introduction to quality conscious builders. A granite that goes perfectly into large commercial and residential projects.

Moon White

White is always a colour of purity and peace and that is exactly what this granite showcases. The white surface is interspersed with multicolored specks bringing out a special pattern. The granite is loved by builders and architects for its rock solid qualities apart from the ease with which it develops an attractive pattern on being laid on floors, walls and counters. It is much preferred for kitchen counters because of its lighter shade and natural finish.

Shiva Pink

The granite looks like the surface of ice-capped mountains as the first rays of the morning sun caresses it. The glint of pink in the stone is so subtle and elegant that it captures your heart at first glance. This stoneis equally well endowed with strength and aesthetic appeal that it is used by discerning project heads to give the floors, walls and counter tops a rare and unobtrusive look. The granite variety that goes into a lot of leading projects across allsectors.

Tan Brown

Brown is always a mature and sophisticated colour and so the Tan Brown variety of granite brings that suaveness to any space it goes into. It has a peculiar design with big speckles of brown and black that forms a different pattern. It is also a maintenance free, strong and subtly stylish stone that has multipurpose use. The variety is popularly used for counter tops and wall claddings.

Red Multicolor

An attractive granite that is hardy and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. The red and black streaks give it a unique pattern and enhance the beauty of this versatile stone. They go into residential as well as commercial projects and are widely used in flooring, wall claddings, kitchen tops and counters. A preferred stone which adds architectural splendour to the interiors and raises the value proposition of the spaces it adorns.

Imperial Red

An elegant red coloured granite that lifts up the good looks of any space it goes into. The truly royal looking red colour looks like a red-carpet that is rolled across the floor. The stone has immense hardiness and can take any amount of traffic for long years without losing its sheen and brightness. This is a decorative granite that is preferred for residential and commercial purposes.

Prada Gold

The name itself suggests that it is at the leading edge of fashion and style among granite materials. The Gold part comes from its unique golden colour with black and grey uneven streaks that makes it look like a rock piece with embedded gold deposits. A very attractive granite that has every quality of rock solid granite. The particular variety goes well with hotel, residential and stately building projects. Always a precious choice in granite that does not demand the price of gold.